Complaints and Compliments

  • Jessica A-

    Great service, I got all my products on time, the quality is good as well

  • Eden C-

    First time, defiently would order again, they always have new stuff which is great

  • Nehorai S-

    Couldn't control myself and orderd like 15 things and they actualy came in realy good quality, ngl, a little surprised.

  • Nadav B-

    I'm just going on a long trip and I found here much more stuff than I could think about that I need for my trip.

  • Roei G-

    Accidently saw this site, but I'm so glad I did! Found some stuff I've never seen before.

  • Lola B-

    Surprise! I wasn't fooled or stolen from. Most of the websites never give you the things you paid for.. This one did.

  • Heather T-

    I don't know who build this, it's a little complicated. Good stuff tho.

  • Sima V-

    The people are like realy nice to you when you need help. Maybe that's why I bought like 10 things. It was worth it I guess.

  • Talya B-

    I was like realy thrilled they had these smart shoe things with the magnet attached to them

  • Adi R-

    I'm like crazy with nail stuff, got some good deals

  • Zach v-

    I found a lot of anima stuff I like and they're in good quality too

  • Matan S-

    I like football there is some things here that were good for my games

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