Meet the family -


Michal Bushari

The one who stayed up late thinking about ways to help people and make their lives easier. She's ben working on this for over a year. No, not a single minute available ever since. But she's 100% positive that it's working well.

Leave her a note if you think she did good :)


Ward Iraqi

Our supplies maneger who is also responsible for marketing.

He is the guy who finds all the good stuff, and checks the quality, any complaints about that are directed straight to him.

He is also making sure you guys would be the first to know about every 5 star product we add to our store :)

Looking at the quality and varaity of our products, we would say he's pretty good at it. Don't you think?

BTW - if you ever look for a product online and it's nowhere to be seen, use our chat box and let him know.

He'll find it for you.


Almog Levi

The guy that keeps you updeted through our social media chanels. If you ever try to reach us out, he's the one you're talking to.

A very special VIP in every club downtown, if you ever try to reach out on friday night, he's partying.

Or according to him, 'looking for his next wife'...

We wish him luck while he's at it, you can also support him if you like through our social media accounts. ;)